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Welcome to the 118th Congress! NCGA primarily lobbies the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch. With split control of federal government, this two year Session promises to be one of intense negotiations in order to fund government agencies and services as well as enact many important priorities of both Democrats and Republicans.

Currently, the presidency and U.S. Senate are under Democratic control and the House of Representatives has a Republican majority. Majorities in both the Senate and the House are nearly even, complicating whip efforts and vote counts on important bills.

While the last several years have been unprecedented, things are back to normal in Washington, D.C. and NCGA continues achieving results for our clients!

Founded in 2016, NCGA is a boutique, bi-partisan, results-driven government relations and consulting Practice. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the legislative and regulatory environments in order to more effectively advance priorities and goals. Our client base is diverse and all provide unique benefits to the communities they serve, including many local governments and not-for-profit organizations.

NCGA specializes in executing strategic legislative and regulatory plans with integrity and honesty. Our areas of expertise include primary and secondary education, higher education, healthcare, information technology, immigration reform, Congressional appropriations process, political appointments and customized grassroots efforts.

Our Mission

NCGA is a full-service government affairs Practice advancing the legislative and regulatory goals of each client, in a tailor-made plan, including providing trend monitoring, drafting of legislative language and identifying partnerships and opportunities to assist in achieving results. NCGA provides an individualized, one-to-one relationship with clients in order to successfully familiarize policymakers and Key staff with the industry and unique needs of our clients. Quality and accountability are the characteristics that help NCGA achieve significant results based upon each plan and set of goals.

Introductions and the exchange of ideas creates a platform to further understand the legislative intentions by relevant committee Members, committee and legislative staff and the priorities of each legislative Chamber. Through key messages, NCGA can position you as one of the nation’s top thought leaders showing commitment to standards and quality. Through Congressional visits in Washington D.C. and at home, we can cultivate champions and advocates.

Conducting outreach to key Members and Congressional Staff will help strengthen any existing relationships and begin new ones which can be reinforced by a local and grassroots perspective; there is no better relationship than a local one.


NCGA works with key Members and committee staff to ensure that its clients have a voice, including arranging opportunities for clients to give verbal and written testimonies before committees and Congressional panels.

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