New Century Government Affairs

A New Century, a new approach to Government Affairs

The 116th Congress finds itself with a divided government and a more experienced administration down Pennsylvania Avenue. President Trump has continued to signal his willingness to work on bold policy proposals. Democrats in the House have signaled a similar desire with different goals. As a result, bi-partisanship is back on Capitol Hill. With an experience Speaker of the House at the helm, the 116th will likely prove to be a Congress offering a multitude of avenues and opportunities, which require a thoughtful and clear strategy.

New Century Government Affairs (NCGA) knows how to achieve results in the new Washington.

Founded in 2016, NCGA is a bi-partisan, results-driven government relations firm. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the legislative environment in order to more effectively advance their legislative priorities and goals.

NCGA specializes in executing strategic and thoughtful legislative and regulatory plans with integrity and honesty. Our areas of expertise include: primary and secondary education, higher education, healthcare, information technology, immigration reform, appropriations and budget processes, political appointments and customized grassroots efforts.