New Century Government Affairs

A New Century, a new approach to Government Affairs

Welcome to the 117th Congress!

With unified Democratic control of government, the new Congress and President Biden have identified many priorities and have been working to enact many of them.

As the nation slowly crawls out of the global COVID-19 pandemic and since most meetings have been virtual in nature, regular lobbying activities have changed significantly.

NCGA has continued achieving results for our clients!

Founded in 2016, NCGA is a bi-partisan, results-driven government relations and consulting firm.  We are committed to helping our clients navigate the legislative environment in order to more effectively advance their priorities and goals.

NCGA specializes in executing strategic legislative plans with integrity and honesty. Our areas of expertise include primary and secondary education, higher education, healthcare, information technology, immigration reform, appropriations and budget processes, political appointments and customized grassroots efforts.